Bundle 2 – Video Package 2 + Eating Out Report


Restaurant Leaders Summit 2016 Video Package 2
Eating Out in Australia 2017 Report

Dishes into Dollars – Creating more profitable meals

Speakers: Nick Whitehouse, Lisa van Haandel, David Stossel, Dee Ryan

Restaurant Leader Q&A – with Matt Stone

Speaker: Matt Stone

Rising from the Ashes – A Tale of One Pub’s Reinvention

Speaker: Jake Smyth

Building a Winning Database

Speakers: John Fink, Grant Lewers, Erez Gordon, Howard Tinker

The Future of your Hospitality Business

Speakers: Thomas Pash, John Fink, Lisa van Haandel, Danielle Gjestland

Funding your Growth Strategy

Speakers: Ben Carroll, Warren Turnbull, Justine Baker

Restaurant Leader Q&A with Danielle Gjestland

Speaker: Danielle Gjestland

Hit the Road – A Winning Mobile Concept

Speaker: Ameer El-issa

Social Media – Holding onto the Hype

Speakers: Michael Rodrigues, Helen Yee, Sarah Doyle, Craig Macindoe

Diversifying your Revenue Stream

Speakers: Erez Gordon, Craig Macindoe, Levi Aron, Alex Herbert

Essential Skills for Successful Chefs

Speakers: Nelly Robinson, Alex Herbert, Matt Stone, Mitch Edwards, Monty Koludrovic

Lessons from the Rise of Fast Casual

Speakers: Warren Turnbull, Thomas Pash, David Stossel

Eating Out in Australia 2017 Report - PDF

40 pages The state of the industry report

Format: Electronic PDF

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• Restaurant Leaders Summit 2016 Video Package 2 (12 presentations)
• Eating Out in Australia 2017 Report (40 pages)
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