Eating Out in Australia 2017 Full Market Analysis Report


250 pages: Full comprehensive report with extensive data from our survey of consumers and venues

Format: Hard copy

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250 pages: Full comprehensive report with extensive data from our survey of consumers and venues
Format: Hard copy

$3500 + GST

The detailed survey data and analysis for Eating Out in Australia is now available. This comprises the full responses to every question in both the consumer and venue surveys, including:
• Detailed market analysis
• Detailed Venue cross-tabulations
• Detailed Consumer cross-tabulations
• Graphs of cross-tabs for venue type (venue survey) and age (consumer survey).
• Full text of all open-ended answers
• Explanatory text and commentary
This comprehensive report examines all aspects of sit-down dining in Australia, at the five major venue types: fast food outlets, cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars, and registered clubs.

This is the most complete analysis ever undertaken of the Australian eating out market, which will be worth more than $45 billion this year. Based on a detailed survey of over 1000 venues and over 1000 consumers, the Market Analysis report comprises over 200 pages of insights into the behaviour of owners and operators, and of the consumers they serve.

Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Industry Size and Structure
• Methodology
• Demographics of Venue Survey
• Demographics of Consumer Survey
• Definitions
• Staffing
• Technology
• Sales and Marketing
• Consumer Consumption Patterns
• Venue Policies
• Financial Pressures
• Making Improvements
• Challenges and Industry Trends
• Delivery Services
• Preferred Cuisines

• 2x copies of full Market Analysis Report (hard copy)
• Market Analysis Report (PDF)
• State of the Industry summary report (PDF).
• In-House Presentation: A tailored two hour in-house presentation and consultation session, based on areas of the report of interest to your organisation. Note: Only available in Australia. Additional costs apply for presentations outside Sydney.

Who should read this report
Food and beverage suppliers – What do my customers – and my customers’ customers – want?
Equipment suppliers – Who’s doing what with what?
Venue owners and operators – What’s trending, what’s hot and what’s not?
Intending operators – Where should we open? What should we offer?
Governments and policy makers – How do policy and regulation help? And when do they get in the way?